2018 press conference held at DDO Civic Center Hosted by the city of DDO
& the mayor Mr. Alex Bottausci

  1. About us - Founded in 2006, the International Cup “Kids playing for Kids (ICKPK)” is a non-profit organization that organizes a soccer tournament with the same name. Based on the FIFA and FSQ rules and protocols of a professional tournament, the ICKP draws on a FIFA soccer tournament to provide young players of soccer recreational of regional clubs (ARS), the chance to experience a major international tournament locally. Each year, the tournament brings together over 1,000 girls and boys aged between 8 and 18 years who proudly represent the country chosen by a draw. In addition, to make the official tournament, the host country is twinned with a town or borough which plays an important role in the success of the tournament. 
  2. Our Mission - Promote the pleasure of playing soccer by inviting young soccer players of all ages to participate in an experience with an international flavor that will allow children of all ages to have fun and learn. Each step leading to the ICKPK transmits exceptional values ​​to communities, parents, children, volunteers, partners and local Children Hospital Foundations. All proceeds from this tournament are donated to the Sainte-Justine UHC Foundation , the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation and The Shriners Hospitals. 
  3. Our Objectives - 
    • Promote education and skills while having fun
    • Competition for all age groups of 8-18 years playing in the recreation league.  
    • Development and appreciation of the game of soccer.  
    • Enhance the skills and abilities of young players.  
    • Offer the opportunity to participate in a tournament with an international flavor. Expose youth to different countries of the world and their respective cultures
    • Help children develop the following human values ​​and awareness of the importance of:friendship, respect, integrity, charity, accepting dersity, community service, peace and harmony in the world 
  4. The Team - The success of this event depends entirely on the generosity of volunteers wanting an unforgettable experience for young fans of this sport. From the Board of Directors to the Organizing Committee and the field volunteers, everyone put an extraordinary effort year after year.
  5. Advisory Board -
    • Ralph Nahas, President & treasurer of the International Cup Kids Playing for Kids
    • Dino Madonis, Past President of Québec Soccer Fédération.
    • Francis Millien, Vice- President of Soccer Québec
    • Nathalie Wagner, President of ARS Lanaudière & Board Member of Soccer Québec
    • Jean Bernier, Consultant 
  6. Honorary Presidents -
    2006: Dr.Bernard Patry, MP Pierrefonds-Dollard
    • 2007: Dr.Bernard Patry, MP Pierrefonds-Dollard
    • 2008: Dr.Bernard Patry, MP Pierrefonds-Dollard
    • 2009: Ms Yolande James, MNA Nelligan, Quebec Minister of family
    • 2010: Mr. Pierre Marsan, MNA Robert Baldwin
    • 2011: Mr. Francis Scarpaleggia, MP Lac St-Louis
    • 2012: Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier, MNA Saint Laurent, Quebec Justice Minister
    • 2013: Mr. Gerard Amin Battika, Honorary Consul of Turkey
    • 2014: Mme Lysanne Blanchette-Lamothe, MP Pierrefonds-Dollard
    • 2015: Mr Carlos Leitäo, MNA Robert Baldwin, Quebec Finance Minister
    • 2016:Mr. Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal
    • 2017: Mr. Martin Coiteux, Member of Nelligan, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy, Minister of Public Security, Minister responsible for the Montreal region & The follwing Co-President: Mr. Frank Baylis Member of Parliment for Pierrefonds-Dollard, Mr. Dimitrios Jim Beis Mayor of Pierrefonds -Roxboro Borough, Mr. Patrice Bernier Captain of the Impact.
    • 2018 : Mr. Frank Baylis Member of Parliment for Pierrefonds-Dollard & the following special guests: Mr. Carlos Leitäo, MNA Robert Baldwin, Quebec Finance Minister, Mr. Dimitrios Jim Beis Mayor of Pierrefonds -Roxboro Borough, Mr. Alex Bottausci Mayor of the city of the Dollard Des Ormeaux, Mr. Normand Marinacci Mayor of Île-Bizard - Ste - Geneviève Borough, Mr. Patrice Bernier ex- Captain of the Impact 
  7. The Board of Directors -
    • Ralph Nahas, President, Treasurer
    • Manouk Manoukian, Executive Vice President
    • Carla Rotondo, V.P., Finance
    • Cecile Armand, V.P., Marketing
    • Fay Blenkhorn, V.P., Administration
    • Louise Fallas, V.P., Communication
    • Nsimba Diakiese, V.P., Referees
    • Wajdi Ghorayeb, V.P., Tournements 
  8. The tournament since 2006 -
    • 2006 FIFA World Cup, Germany (Dollard des Ormeaux);
    • 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup, China (Dollard des Ormeaux);  
    • 2008: UEFA Euro Cup, Switzerland and Austria (Ile Bizard-Ste-Genevieve);
    • 2009 World Cup U-20 Women, Chile (Kirkland)
    • 2010 FIFA World Cup, Africa (City of Dorval)  
    • 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, Germany (Dollard-des-Ormeaux)
    • 2012: UEFA Euro Cup in Poland and Ukraine (Saint-Laurent & Pierrefonds-Roxboro)  
    • 2013: World Cup U-20, Turkey (City of Dorval)
    • 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil (Dollard Des Ormeaux)  
    • 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup and the 10th anniversary of the ICKPK, Canada (Lachine – Soccerplex Catalogna)
    • 2016 UEFA Euro, France (Pointe-Claire, Montreal)
    • 2017: FIFA World Cup U17, India (Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Montreal)  
    • 2018: World Cup FIFA, Russia ( Dollard Des Ormeaux, Pierrefonds-Roxboro: Montréal    
    • 2019 Women World Cup FIFA, France (Île-Bizard-Ste-Geneviève: Montréal, Soccerplex Catalogna) 
  9. Since 2006, a total of $ 400,000 were collected and objective for 2019 is to collect more than $ 80,000
  10. Financial Notes -  ICKPK enjoys the following status:
    • No salaried employee.
    • No paid office, furniture & storage
    • No fees for the soccer fields
    • The referees volunteer their service
    Consequently, all donated money goes to the three Montreal children hospitals equally shared

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